the bridal room.

rise & grind muthafuckaaas. did work for margaret & justinos wedding!


the bride. small poof with soft mohawk curls & blinged out bobby pins!


the maid of honor. 1/2 up & down pinned curls.


the junior bridesmaid. 1/2 up & down volumed poof with curl bun.

..including myself. hah, skillllllllz! damn right, fancy my nigga.

my fault on the bad quality yall. these ones are from my blackberry :\

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  1. I would love to see a tutorial on how you did your own hair! I dont live in the bay area or else I would just have you do it for me.

  2. hey amber! unfortunately i dont have the program to do a tutorial on my own. i know its easier said that done but i basically used 2 mirrors front/back to check on if i parted my sections right, twisted my rows & used sponge rollers for the mohawk part overnight.