back in 2005 the nike dunk pro sb designed a sneaker based off del la soul's 3 feet high and rising album cover.

for those who know my boyfriend, knows.. he's a sneakerhead and has a collection; the size of a footlocker stockroom NO JOKE. i always admired the del la souls & wished they came in my size (why does nike always make heat for men but not females!?). moving on.. jay had 'em & secretly i was always jealous cuz he owned a pair. sigh.. i still remember the very first time i saw him rock 'em on our first date..

but i guess even at the age of 25.. there comes a time where you just sorta grow out of things you used to love. yes theyre fuckn gorgeous, theyre heat, hard to find, and people WILL BREAK BREAD as of 400 dollas just to have a pair of their own.. but to him, it aint the same typa love he felt for them as he did, a few years back. theyre too loud, too bright, too flashy, & he feels way too grown to be wearin' em. so, im sure you know where this story is goin. HE SOLD THEM to some kid off iss :( trust me.. i believe im more sad than he is to see them go haha. if there was a way i can throw those del la souls in a dryer to shrink 'em & make them mine, i sooooo would!

but anyway, thats what inspired me to make my own version of some SB del la soul NAILS. i always kept tellin' myself i was gonna do this theme but i kept laggin' or i thought of other ideas i wanted to try, that inspired me even more. but since these babies are gonna be shipped in a few days, i had to do 'em now before i wont ever see them again.

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aaaaye.. its flashback friday & i just wanted to share wit yall a SOLE VIBE keelay & zaire - sole ides ft. slo mo MUSIC VIDEO.

you'll spot me in there brading slo mo's hurrr, rockin' the HELLZ BELLZ gunning for peace tee shown below.


Hellz-a Stylin’

trust, its no big secret that im a huuuuuuuge hellz bellz fan. i read their blogs religiously like its the bible & i die everytime miss lawn drops amazing collections damn near every month. anyway, brittany of hellz bellz posted a HOW DO YOU HELLZ? contest to win the DUCHAMP tunic, of their holiday's cult classic '09 collection.

the catch was to submit a photo of basically, HOW DO YOU HELLZ. i didnt win; ive won their re-tweet on twitter contest before.. but my friend jessica rosario did (congrats again, btw!). anyway, although there could only be one winner.. brittany still posted her faves. and guess what? i found myself on there!


my original plan was to make my boyfriend take some dope art$y photos of me in hellz, but that never went as planned. soooo.. my next best option was to just send brittany a shitload of me rockin' hellz bellz in general. she ended up using mine & jasons photo from my recent vegas trip! not only did that make my day, but his as well haha :] to see the post read here.

Breakin' bread.

ive been anxiously waiting & marking down my calendar for these to drop.

jordan flu game 12s.

hellz bellz x reebok COLLAB.

& most importantly..

the hellz bellz x miss wax COLLAB!!

i shit you not, theres no way im sleepin' on these. but all i gotta say.. NOVEMBER is mos def killin' my pockets.



manny pacquiao is a filipino professional boxer. he's a former WBC lightweight world champ, WBC featherweight world champ, IBF super bantamweight world champ, WBC flyweight world champ.. annnnd on top, he became the first filipino and asian boxer to win 5 world titles in 5 different weight divisions. so yes, this niggas a big ass deal and this saturday he's fighting against cotto in VEGAS. you knoooow i will NOT miss it! ill be watchin' it on ppv at my boyfriend's fambam parlay. im just jealous of all you lucky fucks who are out in vegas now!

anyway, one of my customers bambi bee is one of those lucky fucks thas in vegas right now. of course she's gonna watch pacman take down cotto and be all about TEAM PACQUIAO. so, why not show team spirit by rockin' some dope ass ASADE nail art!? thats right, i made homegirl customized acrylics.

the polishes and nail art that i used.

finished product.

peep the cute logo labels ;]

hella professional! i fuckn love it & so did bam. a matter of fact she was dumbass impressed and told me that shes mos def comin' back to me again. haaay!

but yes, to view more of my art work.. you can check out my myspace or facebook (become an asade fan). i offer my cosmetology services in the bay area so feel free to message me on either social network or e-mail me at asade.art@gmail.com


NAILSSS DID: Aqua Graaaape.

for now, im limited on cute$y designs cuz my left middle finger nail chipped while partying in vegas. not that i grow them out super long, but i did have to file 'em shorter :( anyway, this is what im rockin' till the end of this week!

the aqua 8's inspired me for my colorway, but then i realized it also matched my boyfriend's IN4MATION x GSHOCK watch above :]



my birthday is 5 days short from halloween, so i've always been the one to throw costume parties in honor of my bday + the holiday. but not this year! i packed up my shit & flew over to vegas to celebrate wit my boyfriend & friends :]

we stayed at planet hollywood and our view was fuckn dooooope! i got to watch the bellagio show 456431654984 times from my window. i packed about 50 outfits when i knew I was only gonna need about 5, the TWILIGHT cast was NOT at tao; they lied, vegas definately shits on castro for halloween, & next time if decide to make super kawaii nails for vegas i gotta make a note to self to bring a back up kit cuz they hella didnt last :(


WTFun for FUNDS.

i know this was so last month, but hey.. i didnt have a blog till now to do a recap. anyway, the WTFly ladies raaachem and d00waditty held it down for their peoples! and when i mean "peoples" im talkin' bout the PI victims of that crazy tsunami that created a huuuuuge disaster. the event was called WTFun for FUNDS and it was held at the minna art gallery in frisco. if you weren't there, let me tell you.. you missed out on a crackin' ass event. live music, raffles (im talkin' bout some FATLACE, HELLZ BELLZ, DIMEPIECE, dinner at the W's XYZ, etc.. PRIZES!), tons of food, jewerly, a boutique, and nail art services from ya girl ASADE.

i aint finna lie tho, im only postin pics of my booth LOL. buuuut, you can view the rest on here

following up from the event, my girl abi (d00waditty) was hella nice enough to feature me on the WTForks!? blog. peep the NAILS DID post.

so, in return.. a favor for a favor, i hooked her up wit some HK LADY GAGA x POKER FACE NAILS to compliment her lady gaga costume for halloween.


true ARTI$T.

check my resume, cuz i've put in the work. & i believe it when i claim, im "artistically inclined."

AA apparel design & merchandising GRADUATE.

done a lil' visual merchandising for F21.

i paint mastapieces for kicks<3.

i HUSTLE as a.. hairstylist, make-up artist, & nail designer (no cosmetology school taken).

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fb & myspace. i also, offer my cosmetogoly services in the bay area. feel free to message me for appts thru my social networks or email me at asade.art@gmail.com