NAILSSS DID: Merry Xmas & Happy Holidaze!

with christmas literally around the corner, you already know i had to be festive.

originally, i came up with a gazillion ideas to do each week of december until xmas but its kinda too late for that. so to combine all my faves together.. i went for christmas lights, santa baby, & rudolph the red nose reindeer!

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NAILSSS DID: hoodfab cheetah.

not my hands this time. i actually had an appointment last sunday with my girl, jackee. damn, it was a busy $$$ makin' weekend.

now, cheetah print is definately no stranger to me when it comes to nails. in fact, its one of my fave easy go-to whenever i run out of ideas for myself type of print. ALSO, zebra & cheetah was one of my very first nail designs learning & practicing on myself. so now, i can literally do that shit with my eyes closed. I KID.. but im really fast at it ;]

after painting quick swatches of different colorways, jackee decided to go with gold/fushia. & to make it look a lil hoodfab, i glammed that shit up with heart shaped rhinestones on the ring fingers & tiny rounded rhinestones for the rest of her nails.

hella simple, but dope.

to view the rest of my portfolio, check out my albums on myspace or facebook (become an asade fan) if you live in the bay area & are interested in getting your nails did by me, feel free to message me on either social network or send an email to asade.art@gmail.com

***EDITORS NOTE: check out yours for keeps. alyssa's blog she did a DIY on my hoodfab nails!


Long hair, don't care.

last weekend i sewed in my homegirl jessica's extensions. so, grab your notebooks & pens cuz im bout to educate yall on the unbeweaveable tip.

for good hair, go to the hood. this cutty spot that i send all my referrals to, is weave heaven. every color, length, texture POSSIBLE. you name it, i guarantee you.. they got it.

i dont think most girls know this but, never ever buy synthetic! buy human hair & you'll thank me later for getting your moneys worth. the difference? for one, synthetic is a waste unless you dont plan on doing shit with it. you cant wash, re-use, or put any type of heat to it. cuz believe me.. the second it comes close to a flat/curling iron, that shit will burn up in a quickness & melt. its basically barbie hair. so you definately dont wanna do the weave pat with that shit. as for human hair, you basically get to do whatever the fuck you want with it. treat it like its your own. well hell, if you bought it.. it IS your own.

anyway, this is the special thread & needle that i use to sew in extensions. the thread isnt the same type that you would use for sewing clothes, its actually a lot thicker & stronger. also, notice how my needle isnt straight? its curved so i wont accidently stab my client.

since jessica has brown & blonde highlights, settling for one color to blend in was not an option. we had to cop two different packs, so everything would be on point. i never sewed in highlights, but it wasnt hard to figure out. i basically doubled the tracks; one brown & the other blonde.

VOILA! the before & after.

now with the help of a flat/curling iron, jessica's hair will be WEAVETASSSSSSSTIC.

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Hellz Girl Of Thee Week

(via whattheHELLZ)

Who are you?
I go by Ashley Sade. Sade's my middle name, not my last & it's pronounced just like the smooth operator.

What do you do?
I'm creative & I love to hustle.

Fashion design grad.


Freelance hairstylist.

& Freelance nail arti$t.

Cosmetology school? None taken. I taught myself everything I know.

Where are you from?
I rep the bay areaaaaaaa!

Why do you love hellz?
Well first off, I truly look up to Misslawn & pretty much consider her one of my biggest idols. Second, I love live breathe eat sleep shit the streetwear & sneaker culture. For brands, men have it on lock. But for females, we dont have much to choose from in this culture to represent ourselves. Sure there's a few to name, but none can deniy that Hellz is mos def ahead of the game & straight killin' it. Like we say, fuck the rest!

What drew you to the brand?
It started wit the tees. Dope photography, raw images, ill graphics. The transition of coffin shaped Hellz tags, matches, to broken bottles. Even that tiny label placed on the bottom left of every piece that says, "Every garment fuckin guaranteed, aunthetic shit!." I was sold from day one; been loyal eversince & my obsession has definately forced me to break bread but I aint complainin' ;]

Describe your style:

Hellz, nails did, hood jewerly, & sneakers. Nuff' said.

If you didn't rock Hellz, who would you be rockin?
If Hellz Bellz didn't exist, I'd be rockin' whoever else has streetwear for females. Like.. Dimepiece, MOB, Stussy, Tens, Rockers, Mama, 10xdeep, Free Gold Watch, Crooks & Castles, etc.

What's the funniest/dirtiest/most embarassing moment you've ever had when you were wearing Hellz?

I wore the 'peace makes $ense' tee to Kanye's Glow In the Dark tour, & of course I pre-dranked. But my ass ended up consuming waaaaaay too much alky, cuz I was seriously DOIN' THE MOST. I stumbled everywhere, sat in the wrong seat then yacked in it, accidently sat on someone else, & security almost fuckn kicked me out. Yikes, too live! Haha.. Don't judge me.

What collection of Hellz do you think is the best?
Damn. Do I have to choose? Misslawn kills it every collection.

When was the first time you discovered Hellz?
It was back in '06, when I was still going to school at College of Alameda. My classmate told me about this boutique in the area, called "District Footwear" & said I should roll by cuz they got shit in there he knew I'd love. & that nigga was right.. Hellz Bellz sittin' pretty on the racks as foreal love at first site.

..aw, too bad they didnt post the rest of my photos for the hellz girl of the week interview. my 'what do you do?', 'describe your style', & embarrassing story woulda made more sense. but oh well, you guys get to see the full shit on here! regardless im more than happy and fuckn honored to be featured on the whattheHELLZ blog. thanks to britt & the rest of the hellz fam <3

P.S. shout out to my new follower shade! homegirl gets extra brownie points for featuring me on her blog ;]


Flyer than the rest of 'em.

nuff' said.

Braided up.

everybody meet one of my customers, pablo. here's before the fro & after photo.

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NAILSSS DID: $tudded.

on twitter, id say.. 80% of the people i follow either involve sneakers, streetwear, my fave blogs, or they have/appreciate really cool nail art. now melody ehsani; i found her from searchin' thru twitpic for nails. after following her for a while, i then discovered that shes actually an accessory and shoe designer. her work is iLL! she mos def made me a fan of hers. but anyway, a month ago she tweeted a photo of her current nails and i jocked so hard that i needed to DIY that shit myself. i know i do my own nails all the time, but you know what im saaaayin'.

i couldnt bare myself to copy the exact same nail design as her, so i alternated silver/gold rows of studs and added bedazzled lightning bolts.

since were already on the nails did subject, remember those manny pacman acrylics i made for bambi bee? word on the strip of vegas; my nail art was loved and definately caught some attention. in fact, they got featured on this site. on top, WTFly girl t.i. hit me on twitter today and told me that she used one of my nail photos as an example for her spanish class and her students thought my work was dope. GOOD SHIT! everyone keep spreading the word :]

and of course, id like to fyi all of you that i offer my hair and nail services around the bay area. so if youre interested or would like to view more photos from my portfolio, you can check out my myspace or facebook (become an asade fan) if you dont have either social network, you can always contact me thru email asade.art@gmail.com.


Hellz Bellz x Miss Wax.

yezzirrr. my limited edition gold brawlin' ring & clashin' earrings just arrived. you knoooow i had to rub it in :P

btw, my photo is featured on the miss wax blog! peep the post here.