COOL GREY 11's. you're so fucking beautiful & worth the trouble. like.. foreal foreal.

ill be seein' some of yall tonight on the streets. good luck, stay warm & dont sleep!


%#@*&!! OMFG im so happy i could cry! lol. last night / this morning was obviously a success. CAMPING IS NO FUCKING JOKE especially when its 2 days before xmas, your plug who was the finishline manager recently JUST quit, youre constantly gettn kicked off mall property for lining up, bundled up in layers still shivering your ass off in the cold for 10 HOURS, then gotta sneak thru employee hallways just to hide in the bathroom until the coast is clear. i know some of yall are S-M-H'ing but this right here.. just made my christmas a whole lot more merry. happy holidays & thank you babyyy!



i got one of the most exciting e-mails last week from NAIL QUEEN SOPHY ROBSON!! i absolutely had no clue she even knew of my work & im truly-more-than-ever honored to hear that she's a fan <.333

peep the so so fly nail blog & see my shit featured on there. i hear its the hottest nail porn on tumblr!


Yummy in my tummy.

i love thanksgiving for one reason, my grandma's SOUL FOOD! my mama's family is from the south, louisiana to be exact -- so you know miss sally ann can get dowwwn in the kitchen. if i could have my way, id eat this food every single day of my life haha. its so fuckn good!

collard greens, potatoe salad, honey ham & dressing with cranburrry.


OMFGumbo ftmfw. my absoulte FAAAAVE!

her newnew :]

cousins & uncle.

the best ever banana creme. layers of pudding, cool whip, chopped bananas & nila wafers <.3

& the women of our family: grandma, me, mom, 'lil cousins rebekah & vannessa.


Oh na naaaaa...

i heard you good with them soft lips. yeah, you know word of mouth. the square root of 69 is ate somethin' cuz ive been tryna work it out, oooow. good weed, white wine, i come alive in the night time. okay, away we go. only thing we have on is the radio, let it play.

i hella love this song & video. 'nuff said.


DIY Minnie Mouse.

that cute ass leotard i rocked in vegas? i betchu didnt know i made it myself! i absolutely haaated sewing with a passion back when i was majoring in apparel design & merchandising. like, i literally have to WANT TO sew [i was only in it for the designing]. its cool to have the skill & knowledge to create a garment from just an idea, but i just get so frustrated with pattern making, reconstructing, measuring, doing shit over & over until its perfect *rolls eyes. ironically id say its time consuming, but so is my nail art. go figure? sewing is just not my favorite thing to do.

i graduated from my fashion program back in '07, so im kinda rusty. but after completing my DIY project, this reassures me that i still got it. aaaaaye! ;]

final sketch.

pattern making..

in muslin first.

fitting my draft.

minnie mouse polka dot fabric.

pinning my muslin pattern onto the final fabric.

ironing shit.

all pieces, cut out & transferred.

ruffled lace.

& finally gettin' down with my nigga, bobby bobbin' hunnits.



my new-new favorite set of watches.

i dont fuck with superbunnies. nonetheless, you already know i had to cop 'em.


NAILSSS DID: Hellz Bellz.

yeeee.. hellz bellz fuck the rest! i dont ride for any other streetwear brand except nothing but the best <.3 there's so many dope graphics from this company, that i couldnt just stick to 5 designs to mirror each hand. it was waaaay too hard, i even tweeted lanie to help me out & she couldnt!! lol. so, this is actually my first time rockin' 10 different designs for each nail. apologies for no process photos but im actually in the works of trying to get a nail turtorial video made JUST for this theme. let's hope i can get that posted sooner than later for you guys!

inspired by..

sketching nail ideas.



to view the rest of my portfolio, hit up my facebook (become an asade fan). i do offer my services around the bay area & i also take custom made acrylic requests from those who arent local. if youre interested, feel free to message me or email asade.art@gmail.com


"all the crazy shit i did tonight, those will be the best memories. i just wanna let it go for the night, that would be the best therapy for me. hey hey yeah yeah! its getting late but i dont mind" -kid cudi.

WOW where the fuck do i even start?! we were definitely on some "tonight is like tomorrow night" hype. this really was the BEST & MOST CRACKIN' birthday, halloween, & vacation wrapped all in one! id do it all again, man i love my team <.3

DAY 1: friday, girls night at.. uhm FML.COM

bathroom bars are bad news.

including drinks TO-GO..

especially rounds of extra shots.

o_O ???

WASTED CONVO -> mozelle: i dont eat beef!, steph & jenelle: its turkey!!! LOL.

lol deeeeyum! ive never seen my bf like this!! :(

i wont even front. kris the "MUA" got me too lmfao HURT!

DAY 2: saturday, halloween eve at tao beach.

miss moulin rouge with her roadies.

birthday girl & bachelorette alyssa!

cabana chillin'.

DAY 3: sunday, halloween night at JET.
i love my man :]

waitin' for our CABSAHEEEA!

flashing liiiights.

sneak peak. minnie mouse nails did.

nanananananana.. who you gonna call? ghost busters!

project chicks FTW. we made our costumes biiiiiiiiitches.

bffs since we were 10 <.3


yeee, fabolous in the building!

made a new friend, from the bay ;]

afterparty at the ph towers pt 2.

...& were soooo DONE! hahaha.