NAILSSS DID: Kawaii Herro Kitty.

QUESTION: who doesnt love hello kitty!? from all of her 35th anniversary collabs including lady gaga, this famous feline is fuckn everywhere. shit, to speak on myself.. i even got her tatted above my chest.

so this week, i was feelin a lil’ super kawaii (hah, when do i not?) & wanted to do another new hello kitty nail set. i felt like clashing prints, so i went for plaid & polka dots. & of course, you can never get too super kawaii wit excessive 3D charms & all sorts of rhinestones. the only thing i wish i woulda done differently is use those hot pink triangle rhinestones (middle finger) & use that for my HK bow instead of bedazzling that shit wit tiny rounded ones. but oh well, ill live.. take notes & try it for another future herro kitty set.

since i recently just started this blog a few months ago, my other HK designs have never been featured or posted on here. so, if you havent already checked out my portfolio, here are my past creations:


HK bedazzled bows.

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China doll bangin'.

if youre not my friend on twitter, myspace, or facebook then you probably havent seen my new bangs. ive had my swoop for YEARS & always been ify on trying it straight. i knew as soon as theyre snipped shorter, i cant put back the pieces if its NAGL. but being that its a new year & all.. i said fuck it. who cares if i might look hella A-Z-N status, i tired it once & thas all i can say.. I TRIED. now that ive been having my on & off love/hate relationship wit my new bangs, it actually grew on me. as far as color changes, out of every color in the world ive tried on myself.. i still love my black wit red peek-a-boos. i kept that, & with my cut it makes the highlight look a little more trendier.

thing is, i hella tripped out when i found a chanel couture hair photo posted from bestsey j's blog.

coincidence or not. bangs? i know everyones switchin' it up from swoop to straight. but highlighted piece on the same exact side? hella weird haha. i guess i got a win-win wit my new cut & old color.


I do it marvin, messsssy.

ever wonder what other peoples desks looks like..?

when setting up my work space for nail art, I like to spread my shit everywhere.

Fancy Shmancy.

last weekend, i was booked to do cotillion hair for my friend's baby sister carmina. its actually funny because last year i did her other baby sister celina's hair for her cotillion, ontop prom. what can i say? either im their family's favorite hairstylest OR i make my customers extrememly happy with my work.

her hair was far from complicated. she wanted the "jamie" which was just another typical up-do i had done for my boyfriend's cousin's cotillion.

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Gentleman, Philosopher, Pervert, & Rebel.

hellz bellz presents to you.. *drum rolls please * GPPR their new mens line! first & foremost, i am so glad that lanie & bam decided to give the fellas their own brand name. i actually had a confusing experience trying on some hellz bellz clothes at azuki boutique a few months ago. from religiously reading their blog, i knew that they were working on an upcoming mens line but little did i know it would be in stores already! ontop have the inside label say "HELLZ" instead of "HELLZ BELLZ." in my opnion, that was a fail to differentiate because i swear i have hellz shit with labels that really just say "HELLZ" inside. so anyway.. i grab their re-invented minne tee, try it on in the fitting room & that shit literally reached all the way down to my knees! lol. at first i was hella puzzled & thought the fit couldve been a t-shirt dress? but then i thought no way cuz i definately didnt catch that in their midnight riders fall 09 del 2 line. so, after questioning one of the azuki employees bout the mix-up, they pointed out to me that i accidently grabbed a mens tee instead of the womens, smfh.

how do you guys feel about hellz bellz expanding their brand towards males? & what do you think about GPPR, yay or nay? overall, at first i was a little dissappointed because it personally meant a lot to me that hellz bellz stood hard for females & provided us with a brand that represented feminine power/rebellion. then adding mens into the mix, basically took away that significance.. it didnt make the brand feel that special anymore knowing that hellz running the female streetwear game was soon to be for mens. which, as a given.. they already take over that culture. but after viewing bam's amazing work on the GPPR (again, thank god you guys changed the name cuz even my boyfriend didnt want to wear anything labeled as "HELLZ" simply because it was orginally meant for women) it changed my whole perspective. GPPR seperates itself from hellz bellz, because for one.. its not just a womens hellz bellz tee in a larger size and two, it has its OWN story. i love the fact that this time, their mens line is truly meant for mens, its relevant to the womens line, & it still kills it. now i definately wouldnt mind surprising my boyfriend with a few GPPR threads.

congratulations hellz! i truly hope that GPPR becomes just as successful as hellz bellz already is, xoxo.


Sneaker heat.

Jordan "Coral Rose" 6's

these js release this saturday & theyre exclusively for females. HA! you fellas loose out on this one. but in compliments to my boyfriend’s carmines, im definitely excited to rock this white/pink colorway out on the streets.

Vans x Hellz
“the hadley is inspired by my love of vintage motorcycle boots with zippers and metal lace eye hooks detailing the black leather high top, the sophie is an updated saddle shoe that’s been stripped down and built from the ground up with hellz’s unique design aesthetic: die cuts, metallic color blocking and buckle strap details.” – lanie “misslawn” barcena.

word has it in the blogger world, that this collab should be releasing very soon. so if you plan on coppin' a pair, dont sleep.. literally. i learned my lesson with the hellz x reeboks. 1 hour after the whattheHELLZ online shop opened on black friday, every pair was sold out! hate to admit but as soon as i found out, my kawawa ass my seriously throwin the biggest fit in line at the true SF sale. so bad, that my man even had beg me not to cry haha. but between the two, im definately choosin'. hadleys, ftw!


NAILSSS DID: The Peacock.

for a while, ive been meaning to try some kind of peacock inspired nails but i keep putting it on hold because i always wanna try a new design after the next.. literally, as soon as an idea pops into my head (im a knock wit a.d.d. when it comes to nail art, btw). coincidentally, i came up on forever 21's the skinny & according to them 'everything from flying bird motifs to parrot-hued prints & the occassional upward explosion of feathers are soaring onto the scene this season.' so, i thought.. why the fuck not? perfect timing for the perfect season.

inspiration: trend alert! birds of a feather.

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Rihanna x Kaws.

i stumbled across this rihanna x kaws photo. i remember seeing this exact photo without the kaws art, on the most recent cover of GQ magazine. my boyfriend actually introduced me to kaws' art a while back, so i am a fan of his work also. & although this isnt his offical shit, whoever made this piece did a beautiful job. in my opinion, it actually makes this photo look a lot more dope. i know that rihanna's original photo for the GQ magazine definately caught some attention. of course, more of the negative cuz theres always gotta be haters claiming her cry out for attention.. but pleeeeease, if anything i feel that the kaws collab backs up her image. basically saying, DILLIGAF? mwhahaha. i love it & especially riri. go'head girl.

how do you guys feel about her GQ cover & the kaws collabo?


NAILSSS DID: Bling blaooow.

these prolly have to be my most fave nails that ive done for myself thus far. blinged out to the fullest, all for nye! silver & gold always seem to be popular colors when bringing in the new year. so, how much more spirited can i get wit rhinestones, studs, metallics, & animal print? these are definately some 2010 nails.

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Sneakers ruined my life.

ive heard that line, found it amusing, & seen plenty of niggas rock that shit on tees but never truly felt that defination until my boyfriend's struggle on coppin' all 4 pairs of our space jams. yes, all 4.

little did yall know, i had to whine & beg jay to share his story. so appreciate this! he actually surprised me though for wanting to do a vlog instead of quoting. AW, i adore him :]


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im sucha newbie with facebook. i swear i've had that shit for years, checked on it here and there but never really got on the hype until now. theres so many ga'damn social networks to keep up with. first friendster, then myspace, now its facebook, and twitter!

my bff janelle actually put me on game about this "become a fan" business. welcoming fb strangers sounded like a great ass idea (cuz i dont just accept anybody) aside my personal shit. so.. if you love asade, have facebook, and want to keep updated with all my work BECOME A FAN! search asade.