ASADE Features!

im html illiterate & i dont know if blogger is just an asshole for limiting how many photos i can place on the far right column of my page, but i had a complete FAIL this morning lol. with the help of my friend samantha, she taught me how to take screen shots on the computer [yes, im late.. i know] so i wanted to take advantage of alllllllll my features. then you know, post the links to 'em on the side of my page! im really hoping theres possibly a problem with the server but whatevs, if anything.. links instead of picture links will just have to do. anyway! since i worked so hard on capturing these, i thought id share:

the candy bitches: love thy nailz

what the hellz: street smarts

lurkdat: tipset! w/ a. sade

when life gives you lemons: spotlight asade nails

the boobs: much needed nails did!

female sneaker fiend: hare-raising nails!

chicken under my nails: nail love acid wash

female sneaker fiend: sneaker inspired nails did

chicken under my nails: nail love meet ashley sade

alexback\wards: dont neglect your nails!

yours for keeps: ashley sade inspired nails

eighty-vii: outrageous nail number 4

what the hellz: hellz girl of thee week

mojo labs x flight museum release party

miss wax life: in it to win it

what the hellz: hellz-a stylin'

what the forks: nails did

as far as i know, these are the only ones ive seen of myself within the blog-o-sphere but if you've featured me on your page or seen any ASADE features, other than what i posted, please feel free to share! email them to asade.art@gmail.com id love to see 'em & feature YOUR feature on my blog <.3

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