NAILSSS DID: Marilyn Monroe.

created another dope set for my regular, jhoana! yall already know im not an trained "nail tech." so, homegirl was smart enough to get her fills did, before we got down to business. as far as inspiration for themes, we literally brained stormed from bay love to the voluptuous miss marilyn monroe. lets be honest, i was lightweight hesitant about this. painting cartoons on nails are no challenge to me, but ive never tried face portraits.? i really didnt know how it would come out, so after stressin’ for a min, the light bulb floated above my head & i thought about andy warhol. then, yes! it all came together & now im about to share the whole process :]

inspired by..

my sketched ideas:

behind the scenes:

i work best, sitting beside my clients & i like to spread my shit all over big tables.

the process:

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