NAILSSS DID: Diamond Zoidal.

oh, how i love the power of social networking. a few months back, i tweeted misslawn a picture of lala's minnie nails cuz i know shes a huuuuge fan. & yall already know how twitter works - its basically a global chat room. everyone sees EVERYTHING! luckily for me, diamond zoidal saw misslawns retweet & hitted me up fayussSsst! it just so happens, that the homie DZ travels to THE BAY from LA quite often to record. so, we linked up & got to business. now, i actually say i got my first "celebrity client." thats definitely some steezy ass shit to brag about!

inspired by..


additional thumb sets:

& a webcam shot of DZ rockin' ASADE NAILS!

to view the rest of my portfolio, hit up my facebook (become an asade fan). i do offer my services around the bay area & i also take custom made acrylic requests from those who arent local. if youre interested, feel free to message me or email asade.art@gmail.com

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