NAILSSS DID: hoodfab cheetah.

not my hands this time. i actually had an appointment last sunday with my girl, jackee. damn, it was a busy $$$ makin' weekend.

now, cheetah print is definately no stranger to me when it comes to nails. in fact, its one of my fave easy go-to whenever i run out of ideas for myself type of print. ALSO, zebra & cheetah was one of my very first nail designs learning & practicing on myself. so now, i can literally do that shit with my eyes closed. I KID.. but im really fast at it ;]

after painting quick swatches of different colorways, jackee decided to go with gold/fushia. & to make it look a lil hoodfab, i glammed that shit up with heart shaped rhinestones on the ring fingers & tiny rounded rhinestones for the rest of her nails.

hella simple, but dope.

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***EDITORS NOTE: check out yours for keeps. alyssa's blog she did a DIY on my hoodfab nails!


  1. I tried to recreate this look on my nails! LOL Idk if I did you justice though, girl! I should start practicing, cheetah print is NOT as easy as it seems :P

  2. haha.. u did good enough! thanks for featuring me btw <3