Long hair, don't care.

last weekend i sewed in my homegirl jessica's extensions. so, grab your notebooks & pens cuz im bout to educate yall on the unbeweaveable tip.

for good hair, go to the hood. this cutty spot that i send all my referrals to, is weave heaven. every color, length, texture POSSIBLE. you name it, i guarantee you.. they got it.

i dont think most girls know this but, never ever buy synthetic! buy human hair & you'll thank me later for getting your moneys worth. the difference? for one, synthetic is a waste unless you dont plan on doing shit with it. you cant wash, re-use, or put any type of heat to it. cuz believe me.. the second it comes close to a flat/curling iron, that shit will burn up in a quickness & melt. its basically barbie hair. so you definately dont wanna do the weave pat with that shit. as for human hair, you basically get to do whatever the fuck you want with it. treat it like its your own. well hell, if you bought it.. it IS your own.

anyway, this is the special thread & needle that i use to sew in extensions. the thread isnt the same type that you would use for sewing clothes, its actually a lot thicker & stronger. also, notice how my needle isnt straight? its curved so i wont accidently stab my client.

since jessica has brown & blonde highlights, settling for one color to blend in was not an option. we had to cop two different packs, so everything would be on point. i never sewed in highlights, but it wasnt hard to figure out. i basically doubled the tracks; one brown & the other blonde.

VOILA! the before & after.

now with the help of a flat/curling iron, jessica's hair will be WEAVETASSSSSSSTIC.

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