NAILSSS DID: $tudded.

on twitter, id say.. 80% of the people i follow either involve sneakers, streetwear, my fave blogs, or they have/appreciate really cool nail art. now melody ehsani; i found her from searchin' thru twitpic for nails. after following her for a while, i then discovered that shes actually an accessory and shoe designer. her work is iLL! she mos def made me a fan of hers. but anyway, a month ago she tweeted a photo of her current nails and i jocked so hard that i needed to DIY that shit myself. i know i do my own nails all the time, but you know what im saaaayin'.

i couldnt bare myself to copy the exact same nail design as her, so i alternated silver/gold rows of studs and added bedazzled lightning bolts.

since were already on the nails did subject, remember those manny pacman acrylics i made for bambi bee? word on the strip of vegas; my nail art was loved and definately caught some attention. in fact, they got featured on this site. on top, WTFly girl t.i. hit me on twitter today and told me that she used one of my nail photos as an example for her spanish class and her students thought my work was dope. GOOD SHIT! everyone keep spreading the word :]

and of course, id like to fyi all of you that i offer my hair and nail services around the bay area. so if youre interested or would like to view more photos from my portfolio, you can check out my myspace or facebook (become an asade fan) if you dont have either social network, you can always contact me thru email asade.art@gmail.com.


  1. Love em!

    But I have a question. I also do my own nails, etc but I can never get the little balls or rhinestones to stay on. ESPECIALLY the lil balls. How did you manage to make em stay put?

  2. hey girl! after i apply rhinestones and balls, i do a coat of clear polish, and top coat a few extra times. just so its super secure!