NAILSSS DID: Spring Breezy.

yeeeee, bikini's & maragritas! thas exactly what im thinkin' when i look at this week's nails did. with my poor dog in the hospital for 3 days, EASTER SUNDAY, & an all day wedding the day before. i hella didnt have time to fuck with any theme requests, so bare with me. genieve, i got you next week on the alice in wonderland. FOREAL FOREAL PROMISE ;]

zebra & cheetah print is my absolute faaaave easy go-to design. it never gets old to me! i actually had to do this in two sessions. some at home, & then i had to pack the rest to lightweight finish off at my boyfriend's fambam easter party. could you imagine me squished on the couch inbetween in-laws, dogs & lil ones runnin' around for an egg hunt (bcuz it was raining), while still trynna have my nail sesh? yeeeah, not that easy.

the [process] before i had to pack my shit up & go..

since i was unprepared, i had no thumbnail sketches & not a damn clue on what i wanted to do with my nails. however, i did come up on some new nail art accessories. the fruits are cute huh? i kinda just played off my shit with that & the neon animal prints. freehanded, it came out pretty dope.

*EDITORS NOTE: ASADE Spring Breezy nails posted on THE BOOBS!

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