uh, posted literally a month later. mobbed all the way to madera to camp at lake millerton with my boyfriend's fambam. we were the last minute stragglers of the bunch, so we made our 1 night stay worth the while. did yall know that racocons sleep in trees!? lmao, cuz we had a fatass one that hiberated right above our tent o_O. nigga had me worried that he just might attack us but all he did was go thru our trash & nibble on some doughnuts lol. anyway, good times maaaane.

ready for the long 3 hour drive..

haaaay country roads; nothin' but farms, hicks, cows & shit.

finally made it! time to get shit crackin'.

OMFG! two words: banana boat.

preparing s'mores.


our tent window view.

hello, goodmorning.

first & last day at the lake.

waves splashin'.

franks speed boat will have you crying for your life, no joke.

posted, sittin pretty & slappin' music all day.

ahahaha DONE SON!

back on the roads, bay area bound.

goodbye madera!

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