NAILSSS DID: Cupcake Bakin' & Pastry Makin'.

customized cupcake/cake acrylics made for rini aka the sweets baker. if youre a fan of CAKE BOSS, then you'll mos def fall in love with rini & her sister's business! check out their facebook fan page "wow look at that cake!" theres hella dope photos of past cakes & cupcakes they've created!

[the process]:

to view the rest of my portfolio, hit up my facebook (become an asade fan). i do offer my services around the bay area & i also take custom made acrylic requests from those who arent local. if youre interested, feel free to message me on either social network or email asade.art@gmail.com


  1. mamasssss that lookks so good, I wanna eat it :) aha. girl you are so talented! much love

  2. thanks ladies! i appreciate the nail love <3