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Now I like doing my nails just as much as the next girl but San Francisco based, 23 year old Ashely Sade, takes nail art to a whole 'nother level- the PIMP level that is! I was lucky enough to get a quick interview in & share the good sheeeiiiittt with you all!

Hey Ashely! Let's start at the beginning- when did you realise you have a talent for nail art & how did you get into it?
I actually didn't know I had a talent for nail art! It started when I first met my boyfriend, it was during the beginning of our 'talking phase' & I was tryna be all fancy with everything did, but that sh*t ain't cheap! Plus basic designs weren't the business, from there on I started building up my collection of nail varnishes & put my ass to work! It literally turned from impressing a boy, to an obsession with having my nails did all the time, to an actual hustle! Plus it helps being artistic & always having a mind full of creative ideas!

Now your designs are very unique, where do you find inspiration for them?
I honestly get inspired from anything & everything. It could be a music video, tv show, a colourway from a Jordon sneaker, magazine ad', clothing prints etc- you name it, I'll do it. I'm down for the outlandish sh*t, any random ideas that come to mind , I type them in my Blackberry notes or make a quick sketch of it. I swear to heyseuse I got A.D.D with themes- my 'nails to-do' list is hella long!

Nail designs T-B: Acid Glamour, Alice in Wonderland, A Woman's Work, Kawaii Herro Kitty & MAC X Fafi

Haha! I can imagine! So tell me, what other talents do you possess?........
I just might be...... a triple threat & then some when it comes to creativity! Not only do I have bars in nail art, but I also do hair, make up & paintings. On top I'm a fashion design grad'! I'm kinda like the 'Jill' of all trades! But one thing a lot of people don't know is, all of these beauty skills are self taught. I've never been to Cosmetology school- although I still plan & dream to. I just get as much practice in as I can & I'm fortunate enough to have a lot of clients who believe in me.

You're obviously in demand then! Where do you find the time to fit it all in?!
Haha! I ask myself that a lot! I guess when you have a passion for something so bad, you'll find the time to go for it. I'm all for the rise & grind, no days off type of bullsh*t.

Amen to that! Does all this money making feed your Hellz Bellz addiction?! Haha! How about a co-lab? Some Hellz Bellz nails to go?!
Yes! I abso-f*ckin-lutely love, love, love, LOVE Hellz Bellz! & I'm sure the whole damn staff knows it lol! Getting 'in there' would make me die- I'd love to! Hopefully Lanie (Hellz Bellz founder) sees this somewhere! There are definitely some ASADE X Hellz Bellz themed nails coming soon! I did design some HBIC ones inspired from MISS 'a woman's work' photoshoot though.

Lastly, any future projects/aspirations? ASADE nail/beauty bars maybe?
TONS of art projects that is. Between my full time job as an administrative assistant & my art$y side hustle, I have a lot to handle- most def' ain't mad at that! But just keep following my blog & I will do my best to keep the world updated in what ASADE has in store! :)

You are too talented for words, apart from- AMAZING!
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