MA$TAPIECE: Jordan 6's.

my boyfriend has the illest plug. with me, this nigga endlessly gets paintings for life! im lightweight jealous that every piece ive created on canvas - he's got it. whatevs, once when we make our official move, they'll be "OURS" lol. im sure all yall already know our home will be on some steezy art gallery shit. anyway, im currently working on a jordan collage. the plan is to paint 23 different jordans on 10x10 canvases & right now im presenting #2, the OG jordan 6s.

peep jason's ASADE painting collection, he has so far:

madam hunnit kisses, concord 11s (1 of 23), love.hiphop

inspired by..

instead of fuckn with the retro jumpman, i replaced it with the OG nike air.


to view the rest of my portfolio, hit up my facebook (become an asade fan). for all painting inquiries, please email asade.art@gmail.com.

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