Yummy in my tummy.

i love thanksgiving for one reason, my grandma's SOUL FOOD! my mama's family is from the south, louisiana to be exact -- so you know miss sally ann can get dowwwn in the kitchen. if i could have my way, id eat this food every single day of my life haha. its so fuckn good!

collard greens, potatoe salad, honey ham & dressing with cranburrry.


OMFGumbo ftmfw. my absoulte FAAAAVE!

her newnew :]

cousins & uncle.

the best ever banana creme. layers of pudding, cool whip, chopped bananas & nila wafers <.3

& the women of our family: grandma, me, mom, 'lil cousins rebekah & vannessa.


  1. I don't mean to be so blunt, but are you mixed?

  2. all good, i surprise a lot of people lol. but yes, my mom is black/creole/cherokee & my dad is filipino/spanish!