COOL GREY 11's. you're so fucking beautiful & worth the trouble. like.. foreal foreal.

ill be seein' some of yall tonight on the streets. good luck, stay warm & dont sleep!


%#@*&!! OMFG im so happy i could cry! lol. last night / this morning was obviously a success. CAMPING IS NO FUCKING JOKE especially when its 2 days before xmas, your plug who was the finishline manager recently JUST quit, youre constantly gettn kicked off mall property for lining up, bundled up in layers still shivering your ass off in the cold for 10 HOURS, then gotta sneak thru employee hallways just to hide in the bathroom until the coast is clear. i know some of yall are S-M-H'ing but this right here.. just made my christmas a whole lot more merry. happy holidays & thank you babyyy!