"all the crazy shit i did tonight, those will be the best memories. i just wanna let it go for the night, that would be the best therapy for me. hey hey yeah yeah! its getting late but i dont mind" -kid cudi.

WOW where the fuck do i even start?! we were definitely on some "tonight is like tomorrow night" hype. this really was the BEST & MOST CRACKIN' birthday, halloween, & vacation wrapped all in one! id do it all again, man i love my team <.3

DAY 1: friday, girls night at.. uhm FML.COM

bathroom bars are bad news.

including drinks TO-GO..

especially rounds of extra shots.

o_O ???

WASTED CONVO -> mozelle: i dont eat beef!, steph & jenelle: its turkey!!! LOL.

lol deeeeyum! ive never seen my bf like this!! :(

i wont even front. kris the "MUA" got me too lmfao HURT!

DAY 2: saturday, halloween eve at tao beach.

miss moulin rouge with her roadies.

birthday girl & bachelorette alyssa!

cabana chillin'.

DAY 3: sunday, halloween night at JET.
i love my man :]

waitin' for our CABSAHEEEA!

flashing liiiights.

sneak peak. minnie mouse nails did.

nanananananana.. who you gonna call? ghost busters!

project chicks FTW. we made our costumes biiiiiiiiitches.

bffs since we were 10 <.3


yeee, fabolous in the building!

made a new friend, from the bay ;]

afterparty at the ph towers pt 2.

...& were soooo DONE! hahaha.

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