Nothin' on you.

“beautiful girls all over the world. i could be chasing but my time would be wasted. they got nothing on you baby, nothing on you baby. they might say hi and i might say hey, but you shouldn't worry about what they say. cause they got nothing on you baby, nothing on you baby..” -b.o.b ft bruno mars.

one night, or should i say morning? i was up till 4am blogging, when i had to wake up at 5:45am for work (yikes, i know.. but believe me, i made sure i dranked at least 2 cups of coffee to survive my day). mtv am must’ve played this video 4 times! not only does the radio have “nothin’ on you” on constant replay for the air waves, but my boyfriend sings this to me every chance its on. he says every word IS true :] although at first, i judged b.o.b for soundin’ like my nigga wale.. i couldn’t hate. this song is hella sweet, & it definitely wins me over even more when i hear those words come out from jay. i literally cheese dumbass hard & become giddy like a little chinese school girl, every single fuckn time. ‘hands down there will never be another one.’

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