“Obsessed with You.”

oh, that new hellz bellz spring line? i think misslawn took the thoughts right out our minds when she called it "obsessed with you." cuz daaaaamn, boss lady, the staff, & their model xian foreal KILLED IT. & yes, i know i always say that when a new hellz line drops but seriously, they did. i dont know if its misslawns designs that got me sold or the amazing portfolio that xian gave for their look book. but tell me this isnt the best model hellz has featured, thus far!? i never go to the extreme, but i was so impressed that i had to tweet xian & tell her myself what an amazing job she did. & as a fan, i think she should know that i truly felt her HB swagg.

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  1. I love hellz new collection!
    its so bad ass