Bridezillllllla, [part two].

like i promised, josephine is back! along with two of her bridesmaids. i definately have to say that our 2nd trial was a huge success. i was assigned 3 different hairstyles, so josephine can make her last & final decision.

here's the photos below:

*fyi as for the 3rd.. lets just keep it a "mystery" due to the brides request :]

#1 lorelyn [curl bun with twistys].

#2 kristienne [curl bun with NO twistys].

#3 josephine [side twists with 1/2 up&down].
the viel was MIA but itll be placed underneath her 1/2 up section, as an accessory, like trial part one.

in the end, we all decided that bridesmaid hairstyle #2 will be the best choice to roll with [esp with time]. & josephine really liked her hair more on the 2nd trial, so were sticking with the new new. on the big day, i gotta lot of girls to get ready so im mos def finna be grrrrrindin' at the crack of dawn!

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