Fuck you right here.

hood nerd erk tha jerk, takes me back to 05-06 when the hyphy movement changed everyones lifestyle [i hella miss those days!]. thas when literally every bay area artist; from new ones to old veterans: mistah fab, diligentz, e-40, the team, kafani, dem hoodstarz, messy marv, the pack, san quinn, too $hort, go dav, mac dre, keak da sneak, tha jacka (& the list goes onnnn) were contanstly gettn slapped on our local air waves.

although the movement got played out in time, it always feels good to see a few bay area natives make it to the top like keyshia cole, goapele, or even bobby brackin's (aka young bob) with his new 143 joint. so, im proud to feature ERK THA JERK'S new video on my blog. his shit is gettn played on mtv jams! congrats maaaayne.


  1. Ok, I gotta ask you this 'cause I don't know any other Bay ppl to ask.

    How do you feel toward the evolution from the Hyphy/Thizz movement to the Jerkin movement?

  2. jerkin' aint big out here, so i dont know much about it. except, skinny jeans, bright skittle colors & lil ass kids doin' a reverse running man.

    the hyphy movement was more than just making a thizz face, doin' the furly ghost & dumbin' out. it was a treal culture & lifestyle. our bay area rappers changed the game in music for us; it influenced everyone in wanting to express themselves as a baydestrian. we all wanted to hop out our cars to ghost ride the whip, pop pills to feel ourselves, go stupid yellow bus retarded, rock tees that say shit like 'thizz or die' or 'i dont rep california, i rep the bay,' wear stunnas without the lenses, say words like yadidamean, yee, beezy & shaboopalaboopy, etc. but most importantly it brought everyone together. the hyphy movement was all about having fun & reppin ur home turf hard.

    other than that, ill slap the new boyz. i think theyre cool kids (although, they DID straight up copy the diligentz punk rock swagg); i give them props for making their own music & creating a new dance. shit i'd jerk too if i knew how, but i honestly feel nothing towards the "jerkin movement." as time changes, music changes.. yadadadaaaaa.

  3. LOL I feel you on the New Boyz Diligentz feeling. Even though this kinda seems strange, but we did have our own Hyphy culture out here in T.O. 'cause we loved what it stood for and the love we felt through it. We faught so hard out here for it because no one understood and they always used to clown us bout "oh its those 'hyphy' girls over there" but we just wanted to spread the love you guys had for your town business around LOL

    I hear what you're saying though bout jerkin though