Street Smarts.

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"When getting dressed in the morning, what is the first thing that comes to mind? It BETTER be ‘What Hellz item am I going to wear today?’!!! Ha! Ok, I’m totally kidding…but props to girls who DO think this very question. Walking down the street, I always get giddy when I see girls wearing some Hellz gear. Really! I get REALLY excited! Seriously, if you ever have one of those Hellz days, feel free to send me some photos of you looking your best! I’m always up for some fan support!

Get at me! Brittany@Hellz-Bellz.com

Outfit Details:
hat: h&m / earrings: vintage / necklace: 2 bitchez deep / tank: forever 21 / dress: hellz bellz / purse: hellz bellz / ring: hellz bellz x misswax / bracelets: thrift store & forever 21 / sandals: forever 21.

Inside the brown bag?
papalote’s adobo burrito that raaachem suggested on nomz nomz tuesday!"

*gotta love hellz! thank you brittany for always hookin' it up on the blog! xoxo.

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