Quick step's to WEAVE'N.

im usually on point when it comes to taking portfolio pictures of my work but for some reason when it comes to weaves, i always forget to take a before picture! hm, maybe its bcuz i generally take photos when work is done? bleh, whatever lol. in this post, we got a first timer!! christine has always lived her life having extremely short hair but has been lusting for long & thick gorgeous locks. the problem? shes somewhat new in town & when it comes to extensions, the hair salons are way too steep for most girls pockets! so, thats where i come to the rescue - need joog? i mos def gotchu ;] readers, im about to break it down to the most simplest way possible on how you & ya girlfriend too can be long hair don’t care!


cornrow & cut pieces.


repeat till its complete!
to view the rest of my portfolio, hit up my facebook (become an asade fan). i do offer my services around the bay area. if youre interested, feel free to message me or email asade.art@gmail.com

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  1. Great blog! Love ya style xoxo