Rock the BELLS.

rock the bells was uh.. WHEN?! auguuuuuuust :X haha - it was both mine & jays second time attending this all day festival & surprisingly miss L-boogie decides to make a come back. i hella remember being 9 years old in the 4th grade, singing along to my favorite fugee slaps from killing me softly to ready or not & still following the miseducation of lauryn hill in '98. as usual RTB is a guaranteed crackin' ass event! youre just outdoors all day, flying paper planes, chillin', grubbin', socializing & on that feel good hype to some real hip hop music.

but before i post this years RTB photos, i thought itll be cool to go back 2 years ago.. CIRCA 2008 to our 1st time. back when wale was nothin' but an opening act, murs was still running for president & i was still rockin' the infamous bob from rihanna's umbrella.

now.. heres RTB '10:

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