WTFun for FUNDS.

i know this was so last month, but hey.. i didnt have a blog till now to do a recap. anyway, the WTFly ladies raaachem and d00waditty held it down for their peoples! and when i mean "peoples" im talkin' bout the PI victims of that crazy tsunami that created a huuuuuge disaster. the event was called WTFun for FUNDS and it was held at the minna art gallery in frisco. if you weren't there, let me tell you.. you missed out on a crackin' ass event. live music, raffles (im talkin' bout some FATLACE, HELLZ BELLZ, DIMEPIECE, dinner at the W's XYZ, etc.. PRIZES!), tons of food, jewerly, a boutique, and nail art services from ya girl ASADE.

i aint finna lie tho, im only postin pics of my booth LOL. buuuut, you can view the rest on here

following up from the event, my girl abi (d00waditty) was hella nice enough to feature me on the WTForks!? blog. peep the NAILS DID post.

so, in return.. a favor for a favor, i hooked her up wit some HK LADY GAGA x POKER FACE NAILS to compliment her lady gaga costume for halloween.

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