manny pacquiao is a filipino professional boxer. he's a former WBC lightweight world champ, WBC featherweight world champ, IBF super bantamweight world champ, WBC flyweight world champ.. annnnd on top, he became the first filipino and asian boxer to win 5 world titles in 5 different weight divisions. so yes, this niggas a big ass deal and this saturday he's fighting against cotto in VEGAS. you knoooow i will NOT miss it! ill be watchin' it on ppv at my boyfriend's fambam parlay. im just jealous of all you lucky fucks who are out in vegas now!

anyway, one of my customers bambi bee is one of those lucky fucks thas in vegas right now. of course she's gonna watch pacman take down cotto and be all about TEAM PACQUIAO. so, why not show team spirit by rockin' some dope ass ASADE nail art!? thats right, i made homegirl customized acrylics.

the polishes and nail art that i used.

finished product.

peep the cute logo labels ;]

hella professional! i fuckn love it & so did bam. a matter of fact she was dumbass impressed and told me that shes mos def comin' back to me again. haaay!

but yes, to view more of my art work.. you can check out my myspace or facebook (become an asade fan). i offer my cosmetology services in the bay area so feel free to message me on either social network or e-mail me at asade.art@gmail.com

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