back in 2005 the nike dunk pro sb designed a sneaker based off del la soul's 3 feet high and rising album cover.

for those who know my boyfriend, knows.. he's a sneakerhead and has a collection; the size of a footlocker stockroom NO JOKE. i always admired the del la souls & wished they came in my size (why does nike always make heat for men but not females!?). moving on.. jay had 'em & secretly i was always jealous cuz he owned a pair. sigh.. i still remember the very first time i saw him rock 'em on our first date..

but i guess even at the age of 25.. there comes a time where you just sorta grow out of things you used to love. yes theyre fuckn gorgeous, theyre heat, hard to find, and people WILL BREAK BREAD as of 400 dollas just to have a pair of their own.. but to him, it aint the same typa love he felt for them as he did, a few years back. theyre too loud, too bright, too flashy, & he feels way too grown to be wearin' em. so, im sure you know where this story is goin. HE SOLD THEM to some kid off iss :( trust me.. i believe im more sad than he is to see them go haha. if there was a way i can throw those del la souls in a dryer to shrink 'em & make them mine, i sooooo would!

but anyway, thats what inspired me to make my own version of some SB del la soul NAILS. i always kept tellin' myself i was gonna do this theme but i kept laggin' or i thought of other ideas i wanted to try, that inspired me even more. but since these babies are gonna be shipped in a few days, i had to do 'em now before i wont ever see them again.

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