Breakin' bread.

ive been anxiously waiting & marking down my calendar for these to drop.

jordan flu game 12s.

hellz bellz x reebok COLLAB.

& most importantly..

the hellz bellz x miss wax COLLAB!!

i shit you not, theres no way im sleepin' on these. but all i gotta say.. NOVEMBER is mos def killin' my pockets.


  1. Hellz is killing my wallet this month lol! Did you know you can preorder the Hellz x Miss Wax collab?! I did a week ago, and I just got mine in the mail yesterday. LOVE IT! And best part I think if you buy both, it's 150 total instead of buying both seperate! :)

  2. YES! girrrl ive been hittin' up hellz for months bout the collab & they didnt know. but i just recently got in contact wit kylee of miss wax & she told me i can order directly from them :] im actually pre-ordering mine today. oh & that earring + ring deal is the shit. i was just gonna buy the ring, but i cant pass up that 150. its too good haha.