Sneakers ruined my life.

ive heard that line, found it amusing, & seen plenty of niggas rock that shit on tees but never truly felt that defination until my boyfriend's struggle on coppin' all 4 pairs of our space jams. yes, all 4.

little did yall know, i had to whine & beg jay to share his story. so appreciate this! he actually surprised me though for wanting to do a vlog instead of quoting. AW, i adore him :]


  1. Glad you got your pairs. I got mine as well. :) The toddler sizes are soooooo cute! I want 'em, lol.

    So I watched your boyfriend's whole video and it made it sound so exciting. I've only camped out once in my life and that was 2008 when the XI/XII's packages came out, and let me tell you... that shit was the most UNORGANIZED shit everrr.. I think those were the most hyped CDP's too.But anyway.. people kept fucking cutting and shit, and there wasn't even A LINE, wtf is that shit right? The security's take on it was stupid as fuck, they were giving out tickets RANDOMLY, people were literally running back and forth chasing the security truck for some damn ticket to get into the mall. I waited in line to get a pair of myself, and I was with my sister getting hers.. so, my bf ends up telling me that they had it on Nike.com so I charged that baby so fast.. but I still waited with my sister 'cause she needed to get her pair.... that shit was so fucking funny, I was dying at all the people chasing the security truck. Of course, my sister and a bunch of girls got their tickets easy by telling the securities the whole "ladies first" shit, which actually worked... when my sister got her shit, she thought she lost her car keys.. so I was helping her find her keys in the fucking parking lot... ended up finding some dumbass' cellphone but I was nice enough to send it to the info center.. but my sister was was going crazy for losing her car keys.. and she didn't even want to get the shoes anymore 'cause her car is more important that shoes, you know... but I told her, we DID NOT wait in this this 30 degree weather for her not to get the shoes.. so she listened to me and got them while I was still outside looking for her shoes.. when the mall finally opened to the public, we had to talk to the security guards about losing her keys and shit.. and all along, it was in my fucking purse... what a trip.. HAHAHA, that shit was so funny but it was a hella fun experience too. I don't think I'd wait in line again though.

    Tell your boyfriend thanks for sharing his story.. I laughed at the end when he said, aite late.. 'cause my bf says that too when he gets of the phone w/one of his dudes. I think it sounds funny though.. And ooh! I like the way your second name is pronounced, I always thought it was straight up pronounced as sade.. as one syllable.

    Btw, this is JessicaRosario :)

  2. heeeeeey girl! shit im glad i got my pairs too. GOD i was so fuckn stressed lol. foreal, the baby sizes are HELLA CUTE. i go in "awww.." and cheese dumbass hard every time i hold a pair in my hand :D

    but camping out really sucks PERIOD. im sure everyone whos camped out before for jordans has an interesting story. i remember my 1st time camping out was for the MARS; i told myself never fucking again. its so stressful!

    of course, ill tell him 1 reader appreciated his vlog LOL. i know, he says his exactly like "AILATE" and even spells it that way when hes out.

    & thanks bout the sade. i know some people arent sure how to pronounce it cuz of how its spelled, but you say it like "sha-day" haha :]

  3. Damn, I hella wrote another long comment I hella clicked post comment without verifying it w/the word captcha thing..

    I was just saying that my bf says it like your bf but I think my bf means aite late but it's so fast that it sounds like ailate..

    And yeah I think everyone has a story for their first line up. I would never do it again as well. That was the first time I ever did it 'cause back in 6th grade.. there was NO HYPE.. so the shoes would be no hassle even if you went to go get them 2 weeks from the release date.. hype started to build during high school but no lines still, i'd just go super early on release dates.. and now it's just CRAZY. hahaha.

    And yes, I appreciate your bf's video. It was interesting and kind of had suspense that made me watch the whole thing like... omg what's going to happen next type of thing. Hahah.

    Anyway, keep doing your thang Ashley! Love your latest nail design!! <333