NAILSSS DID: Kawaii Herro Kitty.

QUESTION: who doesnt love hello kitty!? from all of her 35th anniversary collabs including lady gaga, this famous feline is fuckn everywhere. shit, to speak on myself.. i even got her tatted above my chest.

so this week, i was feelin a lil’ super kawaii (hah, when do i not?) & wanted to do another new hello kitty nail set. i felt like clashing prints, so i went for plaid & polka dots. & of course, you can never get too super kawaii wit excessive 3D charms & all sorts of rhinestones. the only thing i wish i woulda done differently is use those hot pink triangle rhinestones (middle finger) & use that for my HK bow instead of bedazzling that shit wit tiny rounded ones. but oh well, ill live.. take notes & try it for another future herro kitty set.

since i recently just started this blog a few months ago, my other HK designs have never been featured or posted on here. so, if you havent already checked out my portfolio, here are my past creations:


HK bedazzled bows.

wanna view my full portfolio? feel free to visit my myspace or facebook (become an ASADE fan). i do offer my freelance services around the bay area, so if you have any questions or would like to set an appt, message me on either social network or email asade.art@gmail.com

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