China doll bangin'.

if youre not my friend on twitter, myspace, or facebook then you probably havent seen my new bangs. ive had my swoop for YEARS & always been ify on trying it straight. i knew as soon as theyre snipped shorter, i cant put back the pieces if its NAGL. but being that its a new year & all.. i said fuck it. who cares if i might look hella A-Z-N status, i tired it once & thas all i can say.. I TRIED. now that ive been having my on & off love/hate relationship wit my new bangs, it actually grew on me. as far as color changes, out of every color in the world ive tried on myself.. i still love my black wit red peek-a-boos. i kept that, & with my cut it makes the highlight look a little more trendier.

thing is, i hella tripped out when i found a chanel couture hair photo posted from bestsey j's blog.

coincidence or not. bangs? i know everyones switchin' it up from swoop to straight. but highlighted piece on the same exact side? hella weird haha. i guess i got a win-win wit my new cut & old color.


  1. 1) i voted for u and jay lol
    and 2) hella funny cuz i was gonna do the same color but the opposite, with my swoop. but ur shit is mad cute makes me wanna go back to bangs. gaaaaah but then when i have bangs i get so bored. being a girl is so much maintenance haha jk

  2. 1)whoohoo, thanks abi!

    and 2)we had this talk on aim, but u should do it haha.