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hellz bellz presents to you.. *drum rolls please * GPPR their new mens line! first & foremost, i am so glad that lanie & bam decided to give the fellas their own brand name. i actually had a confusing experience trying on some hellz bellz clothes at azuki boutique a few months ago. from religiously reading their blog, i knew that they were working on an upcoming mens line but little did i know it would be in stores already! ontop have the inside label say "HELLZ" instead of "HELLZ BELLZ." in my opnion, that was a fail to differentiate because i swear i have hellz shit with labels that really just say "HELLZ" inside. so anyway.. i grab their re-invented minne tee, try it on in the fitting room & that shit literally reached all the way down to my knees! lol. at first i was hella puzzled & thought the fit couldve been a t-shirt dress? but then i thought no way cuz i definately didnt catch that in their midnight riders fall 09 del 2 line. so, after questioning one of the azuki employees bout the mix-up, they pointed out to me that i accidently grabbed a mens tee instead of the womens, smfh.

how do you guys feel about hellz bellz expanding their brand towards males? & what do you think about GPPR, yay or nay? overall, at first i was a little dissappointed because it personally meant a lot to me that hellz bellz stood hard for females & provided us with a brand that represented feminine power/rebellion. then adding mens into the mix, basically took away that significance.. it didnt make the brand feel that special anymore knowing that hellz running the female streetwear game was soon to be for mens. which, as a given.. they already take over that culture. but after viewing bam's amazing work on the GPPR (again, thank god you guys changed the name cuz even my boyfriend didnt want to wear anything labeled as "HELLZ" simply because it was orginally meant for women) it changed my whole perspective. GPPR seperates itself from hellz bellz, because for one.. its not just a womens hellz bellz tee in a larger size and two, it has its OWN story. i love the fact that this time, their mens line is truly meant for mens, its relevant to the womens line, & it still kills it. now i definately wouldnt mind surprising my boyfriend with a few GPPR threads.

congratulations hellz! i truly hope that GPPR becomes just as successful as hellz bellz already is, xoxo.

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