Rihanna x Kaws.

i stumbled across this rihanna x kaws photo. i remember seeing this exact photo without the kaws art, on the most recent cover of GQ magazine. my boyfriend actually introduced me to kaws' art a while back, so i am a fan of his work also. & although this isnt his offical shit, whoever made this piece did a beautiful job. in my opinion, it actually makes this photo look a lot more dope. i know that rihanna's original photo for the GQ magazine definately caught some attention. of course, more of the negative cuz theres always gotta be haters claiming her cry out for attention.. but pleeeeease, if anything i feel that the kaws collab backs up her image. basically saying, DILLIGAF? mwhahaha. i love it & especially riri. go'head girl.

how do you guys feel about her GQ cover & the kaws collabo?

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