Business minded.

so, ive been thinking. for all the girls who arent in the bay area, that want to rock some a.sade nail art.. how would you feel if i took acrylic requests & had them up for sale?

i personally dont wear 'em; i like that i can turn out my natural shit into some dope ass piece of art. buuuut i would love to share my work around the world to every girl who also loves having their nails did. since acrylics come in a pack of assorted sizes, i would just need ya'll to measure across the bottom width of your cuiticles to make sure its a perfect fit (does that make sense?) & just pay thru paypal :]

let me know what you think! great idea or not? comment or email asade.art@gmail.com


  1. Girl u know I been asked for this....

  2. Sounds dope to me! share your acrylics with the world!

  3. kay- i know! it made me think of you haha. but if youre interested, just email me the measurements to each finger and let me know which themes/designs youd like or even if you have ideas in mind of your own <3

  4. I will!! But sounds like so much work u know! lol