NAILSSS DID: Confetti Disco.

bleh, glitter rhinestoned nails. nothing mind blowing & prolly the most "normal" design ive done on myself up to date. mainly because my 4-day valentines weekend had me extremely busy! :] when i dont have time & my nails are doneSON, i throw on a solid color. but if my shit was finna be boring, i thought id go with something fun like GLITTER. & then glitter wasnt enough.. so, wit the lil amount of time i had, i snuck a few rhinestones. the placement of them sorta reminded me of a disco ball, hence 'glitter + shine' = confetti disco. but anyway, this could totally be a diy for you guys. themed nails next week, i promise!

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  1. these are seriously nothing compared to my past nails, but thank you!