NAILSSS DID: Craving Candy.

about a month ago, i asked my facebook & twitter friends if they had any cool/random nail art themes &.. if i liked it, ill try to create their idea, then feature it in my next nails did post. well, one of my girlfriends, arlene suggested i do a candy theme. candy theme? sweeeeet! of course this would come from a girl who loves them ridiculously ;]

if you haven't notice, seasons inspire my mood. since winter's almost over, i've been showing my colorful polishes a lot more love. anyway, for "craving candy," i wanted each nail to have a different type of candy.

thumb to pinky: cream swirl, kisses, gummy bear, rainbow lollipop, & jaw breakers.

to view the rest of my portfolio, visit my myspace or facebook (become an asade fan). i do offer my services around the bay area & also take acrylic requests from those who aren't local. if you're interested, message me on either social network or email asade.art@gmail.com

PS: if any of you have theme requests that you'd like to see on the blog, feel free to comment or email. im always down to try new things!

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