Cant knock the HU$TLE.

last night. after grindin' for 10hrs, ontop a retarded ass meeting that kept me later than usual in the office.. i still had time to make some dolla dolla bills yall. $$$? dont play me, i gets it. readers, meet my newest customer lalina from the east bay. she's headed out to LA this weekend to spend time wit her boo & wanted to get some "alicia keys" braids. although i had a few designs sketched out & ready.. lalina decided that she wanted to keep it simple, so we wit a scoop/curved design.

to view the rest of my hair portfolio, hit up my myspace or facebook (become an asade fan) i do offer my services around the bay area, so if youre interesting in setting a future appt please message me on either social network or email asade.art@gmail.com

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