NAILSSS DID: Lace Panties.

valentines edition. forget the cheesy 'i love you' hearts, sweets, cupids, smooches, bears.. & pink/red colorways. this week, im keepin' it personal. when i think of 'lovers day,' i think about showing my man how much i love & appreciate him. especially in the bedroom. ‘g-strings, thongs, boyshorts, grannies, silks & lace. on the 14th, im sure a lot of you are gonna get it on all over the place. whatever the case, that sexy underwear will eventually be replaced.’ haaa.. & even tho that rhymed, dont quote me for my retard line.

speaking on keepin' it personal. i got the bedazzled "J" on my ring finger for JASON :]

**editors note: asade feature on female sneaker fiends!

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  1. Dope as fuck! Love your nail art. That'd be sick to share your nail art with others ;)

  2. thanks alyssa :] if u ever wanna order customed acrylics, u know where to hit me.