Bridezillllla DEUCE.

currently workin' on my second bride-to-be; which who happens to be my bff janelle's cousin! in other words, my fambam also. margaret's wedding date is towards the end of june, so she wanted to set up a hair & make-up trial. you know, to get a feel of what she'll look like on her big day. for hair, she wanted to try a softer mohawk up-do that ive actually done on a previous prom client. as for make-up, margaret wanted to soley stick with neutral colors.

originally, i took a make-up photo of myself to present to margaret. showing her a possible eye shadow colorway that could work.

it was too dark for her liking, so i eased up on the mulch/tempting and tired to go lighter with goldmine. the results didnt really look like she had much on, so we decided to just go back to my original idea haha.

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