MUA: Practice makes perfect.?

like my other side hustles; ive taught myself everything i know. & say what you want, but personally i dont think my make-up skills are anything close to being pro status or MAC girl worthy. perhaps my confidence level is extremely low to this subject, but when i look at other MUA's work, i feel like mines come from a girl whos just learning how to apply literally (OKAY.. maybe im being a lil dramatic lol). but yes, i have to admit.. when girls ask me to do their make-up for them, im always hesitant! i usually explain im not that great & ill try, or id rather refer them to a real MUA. suuuuure, i can do a lil somethin-somethin, but make-up sure aint my first love or passion. thats also why, when i advertise ASADE services.. its soley on hair & nails. i dont know how i get asked to do make-up on the side, but i guess when customers want their hair did for events the other question is "CAN YOU DO MY MAKE-UP TOO?" *&%@#!+ gaaaah, other females make-up collection SHITS ON MINE lol.

i still dont know where you guys get the impression that im good at this make-up biz, but the pressure is definately on that i step up my fuckn game. therefore ive been trynna practice; take a few shots of myself for sample work.

to end this, id usually tell you guys to view the rest of my work at so & so.. but i dont have much of a portfolio to show lol. i guess this is where all my readers will definately see the stages of me growing with make-up. any takers for practice? holla! otherwise ill be s l o w l y here & there, posting make-up photos of myself.

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