NAILSSS DID: Alice in wonderland.

apologies for the lag, but im a woman of my word. after weeks of keeping yall waiting, FINALLY ive knocked out these damn alice in wonderland nailsss. its funny how "i didnt have time" to do this theme for dumbass long, but i did for quick shit hahaha. im sure i wasnt motivated; prolly cuz i thought tim burton's 3D version was hella wack! WAIT thas just my opinion, so dont have a heart attack or blow up my blog with die hard comments. but really tho, it was so boring that i literally fell asleep behind my 3D glasses -____-

i decided to keep this shit OG with disney's alice in wonderland. here's a few photos of the process:

& some more portfolio shotssss.

to view the rest of my portfolio, hit up my myspace or facebook (become an asade fan). i do offer my services around the bay area & i also take custom made acrylic requests from those who arent local. if youre interested, feel free to message me on either social network or email asade.art@gmail.com

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