LURKDAT-TWERKDAT: Nail Talk Feature!

[via lurkdat.com] ..apparently, im dumbass late on this lol.

You got that P.M.A.?
“damn right i like the life i live ’cause i went from negative to positive. and it’s all good.” -notorious BIG.

I describe my style as:
hellz belle, sneakerhead, a lil hood, & hella bay.

Growing up, I always listened to:
hip hop r&b. right now, you‘ll catch me slappin‘ hella drake, lil wayne, & all young money shit.

I really look up to:
the HBIC of hellz bellz, lanie alabanza-barcena. shes so fuckn dope! her steez & designs are ill. she’s just overall my biggest inspiration/idol. i love her!

I got my start doing nails:
it started a year & a half ago, when i first met my boyfriend. you know, the “talkin’ phase” where you feel like you gotta be fly as shit & look your best? yeeeeaaah. i wanted to be that bad bitch; swagger right & nails always did. keeping up at the nail salon eventually started hurtin’ my pockets, plus their designs were wack! id bring in photos of nail art & they could never do it. their cheetah prints would even look like retarded ass polka dots lol. so then the recessionista got in me. told myself to fuck the shop; im creative, ill do my own shit.

I describe it as:
shit you wouldn’t see at your typical “miss kim or linda’s hair & nails” salon.

My designs are inspired by:
anything and everything! im a knock when it comes to ideas & i also try include my readers by taking their requests too. ive created nail designs from sneakers, fafi, hello kitty, starbucks, lady gaga, & the list goes on. the more crazy, tacky, different, creative, THE BETTER.

My recent favorite design I’ve created:
acid glamour & MAC x fafi.

Nails (celebrity or not / dead + alive) I’d love to work on (what would they look like?):
if I could do ANY celebrities nails, that’ll be dope! & of course, they’d look like some ASADE shit ;]

Apart from doing nails, I rock at:

The most challenging thing about being a nail artist:
having the title as a “nail artist” grew from just a hobby to literally a side hustle. which means, i never went to school or had any proper training for it. i cant do shop work like acrylics, gels, fills etc. but most shops cant do half the shit i can, either. it’s a win-lose situation.

The thing I love the most about doing nails:
theres endless ideas to create & i never have to pay to get my shit done.

Best nail trend:
im a huge fan of japanese super kawaii nail art. i love everything ridiculous about it!

Worst nail trend:
i wouldn’t say worst, but i mos def don’t care for shit like french tips. its just plain boring to me, sorry.

Nail art techniques on making 3D gems stick:
i apply clear nail polish & quickly place my 3D charms on asap! then just to be extra sure, more coats of clear polish, hardener, & top coat. that way, its definitely going no where.

I’m currently working on:
jordan 6’s, painting.

So far the experience has been:
amazing. i feel blessed.

The last thing I stole was:
haha, ill only put myself on blast for this one cuz its relevant to “nail talk.” 2 bottles of nail polish from walmart, cuz i originally came there for some other shit & i just didn’t feel like paying for it =X

One thing people don’t know about me:
mama: black, creole, cherokee pops: filipino, spanish.

One thing that I haven’t done that I want to do:
travel the world! or shit, at least OUT the country.

I’ll know I’ve made it when:
office 9-5’s don’t exist & the only grindin’ i have to do, is shit i love to do.

It is always important to:
stay focused & do you.

Last words:
off top. thank you lurkdat for the feature! as for the rest, hit up my blog: ashleyxsade.blogspot.com for your weekly nails did, hellz, & some sneaker shit.


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